Member Services

Supporting the Operations of the We Care Clinic
Your support helps fund the continuing operations of the We Care Clinic for the underserved populations in Alachua County.

Continuing Education Courses
The ACMS provides opportunities for physicians to gain continuing medical education credit in state required courses at our monthly Dinner Meetings and at our specialty club meeting for the ACMS Gator Angioclub.

Dinner Meetings
ACMS dinner meetings are held in January, February, March, April, May, September, October and November featuring either medically oriented or informational topics as well as an opportunity to encounter and network with other physicians, residents and medical students who may practice in settings different from their own.

The award winning ACMS quarterly magazine, House Calls, is sent free to members. House Calls features member physician authors and current medical topics.

Regular broadcast emails are sent to members giving them important information on regulatory requirements, state mandates and practice information.

Directory of Member Physicians
Members are highlighted and listed first in the annual directory published by the medical society.  The directory is distributed to fellow members and community leaders.

Referral Service
The ACMS staff receives daily calls requesting the names of physicians in certain specialties, or inquiries regarding physician training and certification. The ACMS member physician names are always recommended.

Information Service
The staff of the ACMS are available to members to research inquiries including issues regarding regulatory or practice information. Also, the ACMS works closely with the FMA to maintain the most up-to-date information regarding licensure and CME requirements for physicians of Alachua County.

Legal Information
As a member of the ACMS and the Florida Medical Association physicians are able to access the FMA legal department for a broad range of issues from patient complaints to reviewing managed care contracts.  The Office of the General Counsel of the Florida Medical Association can be reached by phone, 850-224-6496 or by email,

Representation in the Legislature and Regulatory Updates
ACMS provides member physicians with up-to-date information on legislative and regulatory issues concerning doctors via broadcast faxes.  ACMS works with FMA and FLAMPAC to effectively lobby the legislature and offer testimony before legislators on a variety of topics, ranging from patient care to insurance coverage to physician reimbursement.  ACMS has received numerous awards from FLAMPAC.

Public Relations
The ACMS staff works with local media to acquaint them with ACMS issues.

Community Representation
The ACMS is represented on many community boards including the Alachua County Health Care Board, CHOICES Advisory Board, Alachua County Health Department, Emergency Medical Services Committee, UF/Community Alcohol Coalition, Emergency Management Agencies.  In addition, the ACMS is a member of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Mediated Grievances
Grievances against ACMS physicians are reviewed through the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs. Most complaints are resolved through effective facilitation of communication. Complaints against non-member physicians are referred to the Florida Board of Medicine.