Who We Are

The Alachua County Medical Society

The Alachua County Medical Society (ACMS), established in the late 1800s, is a professional and scientific organization representing more than 1000 practicing and retired physicians, medical residents and medical school students in Alachua, Levy, Dixie and Gilchrist Counties. The Society is the local affiliate of the Florida and American Medical Associations.

Membership in the ACMS is voluntary; physicians are not required to join in order to practice medicine in our area. Those who choose to join, however, do so because they are interested in the same goals as other members of the Society — quality medical care for every resident in the ACMS area and support of the medical profession.

Membership in the Alachua County Medical Society and the Florida Medical Association is open to MDs & DOs holding medical licenses in the state of Florida.

The ACMS is located in the historic Robb House at 235 S.W. 2nd Avenue in Gainesville, Florida. The building was the original home and office of Doctors Lucretia and Robert Robb, one of Florida’s first husband and wife physician teams. The Robb House was restored by the Medical Society and its Auxiliary in 1982. The Robb House is also home to the Medical Museum which houses the original furniture and medical equipment and instruments used by the Robbs. Included in the collection are instruments, equipment and artifacts which have been donated to the museum by physicians and the community.

The Alachua County Medical Alliance conducts tours of the house and museum by appointment. Call the ACMS at 352-376-0715.

If you have any questions concerning We Care please contact directly: 352-334-7926

Board of Directors:

President – David E. Winchester, M.D.

Vice President – Matheen A. Khuddus, M.D.

Treasurer – Matthew F. Ryan, M.D., Ph.D.

Secretary – Cherylle A. Hayes, M.D.

1st Past President – John D. Colon, M.D., MPH.

2nd Past President – Mary C. Grooms, M.D.

Carl A. Dragstedt, D.O.

Timothy C. Flynn, M.D.

Ronald M. Jones, Jr., M.D.

Eduardo Marichal, M.D.

Merry J. Markham, M.D., FACP

Charles E. Riggs, Jr., M.D., FACP

Robert A. Skidmore, M.D.

Ann T. Weber, M.D.

Tri-County Representative Advisory Member – Jesse A. Lipnick, M.D.

Advisory Member – Carolyn G. Carter, M.D.

Advisory Member – Christopher R. Cogle, M.D. 

Advisory Member – Jennifer K. Light, M.D. 

Advisory Member – Michael J. Lukowski, M.D.

Advisory Member – Michelle Rossi, M.D. 

Advisory Member – Gerold L. Schiebler, M.D.

We Care Medical Director Advisory Member – Bruce K. Stechmiller, M.D.

Resident Physician Representative – Dale L. Taylor, M.D.

Medical Student Representative – Matt Bowers

Executive Vice President – Sally Lawrence, Ph.D.